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A Numbers Count Case Study.

Harry started Numbers Count in September 2012 at the beginning of Year 2.
He had enjoyed a settled time in Reception and Year 1, but tracking showed he was falling behind his peers. His Year 1 teacher felt that he hadn’t fully understood the work covered and due to his communication and coordination difficulties he found it hard to verbalise or record his understanding in maths. Harry spoke Tagalog with his family at home and he had problems with his milk teeth, many of which had to be extracted, resulting in great difficulty forming many sounds in English. He was summer born (July). His older sibling had also received Numbers Count when she was in Year 2.

His entry Sandwell test score indicated an estimated National Curriculum Level of P8. His actual age was 6 years 1 month old but his number age was 5 years 1 month. Diagnostic assessment showed he had teen and ty confusion, limited understanding of place value of numbers over 10, limited knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, great difficulty recording numbers and lots of language confusion.

Harry really enjoyed our Numbers Count sessions together. He was very engaged in lessons and playing games at home. His parents were very supportive and cooperative. They came to meetings, watched videos of Harry’s lessons, asked questions about his difficulties and progress and helped their son with homework during the programme. Over time Harry’s confidence blossomed and he found he could make himself understood by using Makaton signs and symbols. He also worked really hard to form shapes and numbers correctly. Through careful planning I was able to help him connect all his snippets of understanding together and build on these to get a comprehensive understanding of the level 1 and 2 curriculum.

In fact, by the end of the Autumn term, during his exit test he achieved an estimated National Curriculum level of 2c. He had dramatically improved his understanding in each of the strands:
Identification of Numbers- from P8 to 2b
Oral Counting- from P7 to 2b
Value and Computation- from 1b to 2c
Language- from 1c to 2b
His number age had risen by 28 months, during a 3 month period and rather than being 12 months behind his actual age, he was now 12 months ahead of his actual age.
His teacher had seen a great change in his confidence and level of engagement in class, not only in Numeracy Lessons. As a result of these dramatic changes, she moved him up two ability groups, where he began to thrive.

After 3 months back in class, Harry made further progress. His follow up Sandwell gave him an estimated National Curriculum level of 2b and by the Summer term his teacher assessed him as being a secure level 2b with many elements of 2a.

MB July 2013

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