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Case Study from Mrs Madeline T Whitehawk Primary 4.7.13

Child M.


Child entry date 12.9.12, score 23, indicative national curriculum level P8, number age 59 months.

Child exit date 13.12.12, score 49, indicative national curriculum level 2c, number age 82 months.

Child 3 months score 59, indicative national curriculum level 2c, number age 91 months..

Child 6 months score 61, indicative national curriculum level 2c, number age 93 months

End of Key stage teacher assessed and Child achieved on optional SATS 2B.


In class I observed that Child was extremely passive during her maths lesson whether working in pairs, groups or otherwise. Her behaviour was good and she appeared to be paying attention/listening but not verbally engaging. During discussions with her teacher and further observations by myself it became obvious that Child found talking really painful in all learning situations. In fact when she was asked to explain something to her partner she cried.

Child is popular with her peers and in the playground is as noisy as any other child.


She was linked with 2 other girls from her class for Number Count one of which was just as quiet, but presented as more confident.  To encourage the 2 quiet girls to talk I used Reggie ( a puppet ) and supported the vocabulary with Makaton signs and symbols. I also modelled language and targeted pupils with questions. We also had firm rules that the 2 listening would also work out answers and would agree or disagree with the talker at all stages and explain their thinking if asked.


After several sessions Child felt safe enough to actively engage with the learning, using Makaton signs and symbols to support her explanations to her peers and or the puppet. By the time she was a quarter of the way through Numbers Count she was confidently putting herself forward to explain referring to the Makaton signs/symbol and or resources. She also asked and answered questions confidently.


Unfortunately she was not displaying her confidence in class. Following maths reorganisation I had the opportunity to take her maths group for half a term. In the first 3 lessons through careful planning of targeted questions and specific reference to work I had seen her do in Numbers Count and specific praise the confidence shown in Numbers Count quickly appeared.  After that she often put herself forward to explain to the whole group and to help individuals if they wanted. Her teacher has said that she will now volunteer to explain or show something in her maths lessons.


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