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1.2 Learning Online

VLEs can be used to support learning by sharing digital resources. These can be documents, sound files, presentations, videos and images.  Resources can by made available to support students learning during college and outside college.  Students can also share their work with their teacher or fellow students for feedback.

 To see a video overview:
To support this process we have three features of ‘Learning Online’ for our VLE at Honiton.
1) Unit Pages
Each unit of work has a page on the website for sharing learning resources with students. This could include Project Briefs, Learning Objectives, Tasks, Key Words, Assessment Criteria and any other digital media required for the unit.

2) Class Page
Each class in college will have a home page. This allows teachers to share homework with students, set up class forums and create tasks for students. These tasks will be allocated to all the students in the class. If appropriate students can see each other work and give feedback to their friends.

3) E-Portfolio
Each student has an E-Portfolio area of the website where they can create web pages and share resources with our college community. Hopefully some students will use this to support their learning independently of their teachers.



Video How To:

Edit the Homepage:  

·         Group Admin> Homepage

·         Edit Resource in WISYWIG

·         Upload Homepage

Add resources:  

·         Group Admin > Resource

·         Select > Add Download Button

·         Set Name, security property (make sure copyright is for HCC profile members only)

·         Upload Resource

Add a task:

·         Group Admin > Resource

·         Select > Add Task

·         Set Dates, Add Description, Add Resource

·         Allocate Students

·          Upload Task


Submit a Task:

·         Click on Class or ‘My Tasks’ From E-portfolio

·         Submitted Resources > Select ‘My Resources’

·         Select Add Download

·         Browse to File > Upload File

·         Go back to the task > Add Comment on mark you think you got

·          Save Comment


Mark a Task:

·         Click on Class or ‘My Tasks’ From E-portfolio

·         From Group Admin > Select Resources

·         Click on Task > Select Student

·         Download Submitted files

·         Add comment and Mark

·         Grade work

·         Save Comments.

Note that the road map is for Tasks to be tied to ‘Mark book’ in SIMS. You will add your marks and they will be saved to assessment manager automatically.



Hope you found this useful. If you have any feedback or comments please send them to jwright@honitoncollege.devon.sch.uk.

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