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Helping with ICT Homework

How much support should you give your children with their homework is always a difficult question. This page will hopefully answer this question and provide some additional ideas on how to help with homework.

As we get a limited amount of time in ICT lessons homework becomes more important to the achievement of students in our subject. As we now live in the digital age, with ICT skills being an essential life skill, we set homework which should be completed using ICT whenever possible.

If access to ICT facilities is difficult then we encourage students to use our ICT facilities during lunch times or after college hours. Computers are also available at homework club when adult support is available.

As students are usually motivated to do ICT homework it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them to complete it, particularly if they have access to a computer at home. This enthusiasm can be supported in several ways:


Students should write their ICT homework into their planners to remind themselves what needs to be done and when it should be handed in. If your son or daughter is a little forgetful then please have a look at their planner and remind them to do it. If you have a spare moment a quick look to see if it is finished will encourage many students to complete the work.

Topic Support

ICT is a great tool and like all tools needs to be used for something for it to be useful. To help our students develop particular ICT skills we always create or ask students to choose a topic to enrich the learning opportunities we provide. On the ICT pages of the college website each unit of work is outlined and a clear brief on the topic is given. These tasks will often need students to research a topic and then develop the information they found using ICT.

Please feel free to discuss with students the topic they are working on. Helping them understand more about the topic will allow them to demonstrate higher levels of ICT skills. Please discourage them from copying large chunks of text from the internet. Instead ask them about the research and get them to list just the key points.

If your son/daughter has chosen a topic you don’t know much about then guiding their research with both of you learning together is a real motivator for students. Often as ICT teachers we know less than our students on a particular subject and end up guiding their research and enjoying their discoveries.

However supporting the topic doesn’t mean doing all the research for them or spending hours of your time completing each step. Encourage your son or daughter to use their own initiative.

ICT Support

The software we ask our students to use is usually fully featured commercial applications. Whilst we give many demonstrations in classes students often forget the exact sequence to complete a particular task. If you know how to solve your son/daughters ICT problem then please demonstrate it for them and then ask them to do it for themselves. If you use the UNDO button and then save the work it will prevent students from using the redo button and force them to do it for themselves.

If you don’t know how to help them then please encourage them to use the help provided with the software. Making sure the work is saved and then experimenting with different options is also a good way to learn together. Online there is an excellent additional tutorial resource call the skills-gym (click the link) which may show them what they need to know.

Levels of Support

Making sure your sons and daughters are learning is important. Sometimes a little challenge is healthy and sometimes a lot of support is needed. There are no clear guidelines as to when to push and when to support but often students enjoyment of the homework gives an idea as to how you can help. If they are enjoying the work and independently motivated then encourage them by being interested. If they are just rushing the homework to get it our of the way and not producing their best work then give them a little more support by breaking the task down or showing them exactly how to solve the problem.

If you feel you need to let us know how much support you gave your son or daughter then please use the level descriptors below to give ICT teachers a guide. To keep it simple just add the number, which best describes the support you gave, and your initials at the bottom of their work. This is very important when you provide support for students during coursework. It helps us know how to grade their final piece of work.




My son or daughter completed the homework/coursework with a lot of guidance from me. Most of the ideas and solutions were given to them.


My son or daughter completed the homework with some guidance. Only a few key ideas and solutions were given to them.


My son or daughter complete the homework with very little guidance or reminders. I did check to see if it was complete and helped with any spelling or grammar errors.


No support given at all. My Son or daughter independently completed the work.

Table 1.1 Homework Support Level Descriptors

I hope you found this homework in ICT guide useful. If you have any questions or would like to give me some feedback feel free to contact me  at jwright@honitoncollege.devon.sch.uk.


Joshua Wright

Head of ICT

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