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APP Guidelines
APP Guidelines
The Assessment Guidelines are the criteria for each level and the key APP document. These sheets help you to assess pupils' work in relation to national standards and provide a simple recording format for the assessment criteria in each of the assessment focuses in the subject at each level.
Click on the link in the table below to download the APP documents, produced in PDF format:
Please CLICK HERE to download the Suffolk guidance on APP.
Speaking and Listening APP Guidelines
Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) will be available for Speaking and Listening in the spring term 2010. Criteria will be available for levels 1 to 8 and are designed to be used at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. There are four assessment focuses that broadly cover the following territory:
  • Talking to explore ideas and feelings, adapting and varying language according to the situation
  • Listening and responding to others, including in pairs and in groups
  • Talking within role-play and drama to explore texts, ideas and issues
  • Talking about talk to understand the range and uses of spoken language
Please click in the table below to download the required APP guideline.  Please note the following guidelines are separated into levels, however three levels are covered within each document.
Mathematics Standards Files

The standards files for reading, writing and mathematics are a central part of the assessing pupils' progress (APP) approach. Their main purpose is to exemplify national standards and act as a resource and reference point for teachers:

  • on assessing pupils' work
  • on diagnosing pupils' strengths and weaknesses
  • for training and professional development purposes.

Each standards file includes:

  • examples of pupils' ongoing classroom work which have been assessed to exemplify the APP approach and show national standards
  • commentary on the evidence at assessment focus (AF) level, which leads to a summative judgement on the pupils' work
  • the assessment guidelines sheet that records both a profile of attainment across the AFs and a National Curriculum level for the attainment target (AT).
The standards files are available in two formats; the training standards files and the standards files.  The training files have the APP guidelines and teacher assessments removed, to allow you to make your own judgements and check them against national standards.
The standards files are a comprehensive document which provide a commentary and why the teacher made their assessments.  These can be used as a reference document to support your own APP assessment judgements. 
Please click on the table below to be redirected to the Primary Strategy website to download copies of the training standards files.  These files have the assessment guidelines removed to allow colleagues to use as a standardisation exercise.  Alternatively, click on the link to be re-directed to the assessment section of the hub to download copies of the mathematics standards files.

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