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How parents can help
How parents/carers can help

As a parent or carer,you can help your child prepare for their work experience in a variety of ways:
• please support your child to search for a work experience placement that suits their needs and interests as soon as possible
• please read and sign the paperwork details of your child's work placement once they receive this information
Additionally you can support Brookfield’s work experience programme as follows:
• please notify school immediately of any concerns you may have regarding the placement
• notify the employer and the school in good time if your child cannot attend the placement through illness or for any other reason
• ensure that your child dresses appropriately for the work placement
• ensure that your child has and wears any required protective clothing and footwear
• check that your child has cleaned and returned any uniformed clothing provided by the employer immediately after completion of the placement
• ensure that you are aware of the school's travelling expenses arrangement for the placement
• ensure your child knows how to get to and from the placement
• ensure good timekeeping by your child
• follow lunch arrangements as detailed in the placement advert
• encourage a positive attitude to work
• remind your child to follow the work place rules and regulations

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