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Hi I'm NAME.I am AGE years old.I live with NAMES OF PEOPLE.
See the targets that I'm working on:
English, Maths, Science, My Behaviour
This is some of the work I have done: 
These are some of the posts I have done for the Disscussion forums:
If you've found my eportfolio maybe you saw me there first!
These are some useful sites for our topics: The Victorians, Space, The Greeks 
If you're visiting from my school you might find them useful.

 Interesting News that I've seen this week. 

These are some of the best authors ever [well, I think so!] : LINKS TO ONLINE BOOKS & BOOK REVIEWS I'VE WRITTEN
My Slide.Com photo album
My Pivot Stickman
These are some of my pictures that I've taken of my local area in Flickr.
Read my blog to see why I've chosen these pictures.

These are some of my blogs: The Victorians,Maths Week,Maths week ICT,DT day,Coverdale Puppets,M.E.N. Arena, Mort the Moose and Sid, Early Years Nativity, Qaurry Bank Mill, Carol Concert,Golden Sqaure, Christmas LunchChristmas Party, Spaceport,

My Thought of the Day

These are all the other ePortfolios that I've been looking at:
These are my favourite films - read my Film Wiki to find out more about why I like them.

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