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Teacher Notes
For Teachers
The Benny Bear project is all about getting to know Benny Bear, using this knowledge to persuade him to visit your school, and then keeping his diary for a term.
You will be able to see most of these activities without logging in, but to see them all, and to be able to take part you need to be setup. (See the bottom of this page for more).
1. Explore  Benny Bear's Wiki to find out all about him. What are the similarities and differences between Benny's School and yours? Children can learn about Benny from the pictures, sound recordings and information in his Wiki independently, and group together for shared speaking & listening about what they have found out.
2. Take part in  Benny's Challenge Quiz to see what you can remember! How well do you know Benny Bear?
3. Invite  Benny Bear to visit your school - you can type, or use the sound recorder. How can you persuade him to visit your School? Try  sound recording a shared invitation (speaking activity), and then typing reasons why Benny should visit (punctuation, spelling, and planning writing from known facts about Benny Bear / persuasive writing).
4.  When Benny Bear arrives at your school [a little creativity is required here!], take part in the  Benny's Friends survey to compare and contrast your school with others that he visits (this is a good opportunity for Maths Data Handling questions & discussion).
5. Now that Benny Bear has arrived at your school, make sure you keep his Mum up to date for the rest of the term, telling her about what you have been learning about in  Benny's Learning Journal. Make sure you keep her updated, because she worries about Benny making friends and whether he is reading his books at bedtime!
Getting Set Up
To have full access to the project you need to email Fiona.AubreySmith@UniServity.Com with these details:
1. Your Name and your full School Name
2. Which adults and which year group of children will be taking part.
3. Your email address so that you can receive confirmation of the setup.
You will be offered a visit from one of the UniServity Education Consultants to show you how to use the project, and if you wish, to team-teach it with you in class.
To book this visit, please email Keith.Jenkins@UniServity.Com
There are some supporting materials in the Teachers Folder. You are welcome to print these and use freely to support this project.

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