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Curriculum Ideas & School Examples

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KS1: Maths: Ma2: Shape, Space & Measures: Using & Applying Shape, Space & Measures

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Using and applying shape, space and measures

1. Pupils should be taught to:

Problem solving

  1. try different approaches and find ways of overcoming difficulties when solving shape and space problems
  2. select and use appropriate mathematical equipment when solving problems involving measures or measurement
  3. select and use appropriate equipment and materials when solving shape and space problems


  1. use the correct language and vocabulary for shape, space and measures


  1. recognise simple spatial patterns and relationships and make predictions about them

Note for 1b: ICT opportunity: Pupils could use both digital and analogue devices to measure weight or time.

Note for 1d: Cross reference to English: En1 Speaking and listening: Speaking

1. To speak clearly, fluently and confidently to different people, pupils should be taught to:

b. choose words with precision

Note for 1f: These skills are important foundations for geometrical reasoning and proof in later key stages


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