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KS2: Science: Sc2: Life Processes & Living Things: 2 - Humans and other animals

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Humans and other animals
2. Pupils should be taught:
  1. about the functions and care of teeth
  1. about the effect of exercise and rest on pulse rate
  1. that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles to support and protect their bodies and to help them to move
Growth and reproduction
  1. about the main stages of the human life cycle
  1. about the effects on the human body of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, and how these relate to their personal health
  2. about the importance of exercise for good health.
Explanatory notes
Note for 2b
ICT opportunity
Pupils could use a database or spreadsheet to analyse data about types of food in school lunches.
Note for 2c
Details of structure do not need to be taught.
2c, 2e, 2f
ICT opportunity
Pupils could use video or CD-ROM to see things that cannot be directly observed.
Pupils could participate in the Healthy Eating Collaborative project.
Pupils could undertake a  survey to analyse the types of food in school lunchboxes.
Pupils could keep a Blog icon blog on their weekly diet.
Pupils could use Link icon links to other websites to find out information regarding healthy diets.


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