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KS2: MFL: Attainment Targets - WRITING

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Level 1

Pupils copy single familiar words correctly. They label items and select appropriate words to complete short phrases or sentences. 

Level 2

Pupils copy familiar short phrases correctly. They write or word-process items [for example, simple signs and instructions] and set phrases used regularly in class. When they write familiar words from memory their spelling may be approximate. 

Level 3

Pupils write two or three short sentences on familiar topics, using aids [for example, textbooks, wallcharts and their own written work]. They express personal responses [for example, likes, dislikes and feelings]. They write short phrases from memory and their spelling is readily understandable. 

Level 4

Pupils write individual paragraphs of about three or four simple sentences, drawing largely on memorised language. They are beginning to use their knowledge of grammar to adapt and substitute individual words and set phrases. They are beginning to use dictionaries or glossaries to check words they have learnt.


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