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KS3 DT : Key Processes

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2. Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in design and technology that pupils need to learn to make progress.
Pupils should be able to:
  • generate, develop, model and communicate ideas in a range of ways, using appropriate strategies
  • respond creatively to briefs, developing their own proposals and producing specifications for products
  • apply their knowledge and understanding of a range of materials, ingredients and technologies to design and make their products
  • use their understanding of others’ designing to inform their own
  • plan and organise activities and then shape, form, mix, assemble and finish materials, components or ingredients
  • evaluate which hand and machine tools, equipment and computer-aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM) facilities are the most appropriate to use
  • solve technical problems
  • reflect critically when evaluating and modifying their ideas and proposals to improve products throughout their development and manufacture.

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