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Start of year procedures

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Help for cLc Managers about moving pupils up a year and transferring ePorfolios from one school to another


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Don't panic 
The rollover process looks quite complicated and there are several pages in this wiki, but if you follow the steps in order you'll be fine. If you get stuck, don't worry: give the School ICT helpdesk a call on 01273 293663 and we'll get you going again.
And rest assured: the movement of data from SIMS to the learning platform is one-way, so whatever you do in the cLc, you can't do any damage to SIMS.
Here is an overview of the start of year process. Schools need to complete the tasks in the green section.
Request the rollover at the end of the summer term. For more details see the next page, Moving pupils up a year in the cLc

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