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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.


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Learners post simple questions about their local area inviting short factual responses.

“How many people live in Reading?”


Learners respond to other students questions posted about their local area with short factual responses.



Learners seek further clarification from responses, identifying a specific request for further information.

“Why is the population this size?”


Learners respond to the clarification request explaining further.

“Reading has a population this size because it is a County Town and has a large amount of commerce and industry”.


Learners respond to requests seeking rationale.

“How does the population number compare with other County Towns or commercial/industrial towns?”


Learners clarify the relationship between their chosen subject matter and larger scale issues.

“On the same date that the Reading population was identified (2001), Winchester, the County Town of Hampshire had a population of 54,666 This shows that Reading is a much larger and more significant County Town”.


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