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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.

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Click on the tool names to see the layers of learning quality
(Bloom's Taxonomy used to show development of the quality of learning using each tool)


What is it?

* Forum

An online space for conversation. Examples of use include people asking & answering questions, discussing ideas, sharing knowledge and debating. Conversations can be seen in chronological order, or grouped into themes.


An online space where can work together to build up a branched knowledge-web. Examples include encyclopaedias and branching stories. A wiki also archives older versions each times editions are made, and allows for comments on each version which can be used for AfL marking.

* Blog

A web-based diary which has one author, but can be commented upon by others.

* Link

A link to an online resource; perhaps a game or website linked to learning.

* Task

An activity which is set by one teacher to multiple learners which requires resources to be uploaded or created within the learning platform as a response. Often used for homework or groupwork.

* Survey

Sets of questions for a particular purpose, with collated graphical or tabular/exportable responses used for gathering opinions.

* Quiz

Questions set which can be answered, and automatically marked. Both questions & answers can be multimedia/sound/image/embed code.

* ePortfolio

Personal, Online, Learning space which acts as a one-stop-shop to reach all other personal online learning activities and resources.


A document, file, sound recording, media, image or film that has been added to the learning platform.


A particular type of large zip file, often an interactive learning activity.


News posts with accompanying text/image/film/embed code (eg; Google Maps) which can be pushed out to many users.


Calendar/Diary events which can push to individual users calendars and/or contained centrally, with accompanying text/image/film/embed code (eg; PrimaryPad /Live Lesson)


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