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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.


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 Custom Page


Teachers or students use a custom page to provide content within a subgroup.


Teachers or students use a  custom page to identify content in further detail, referring specifically to resources contained within other areas of the cLc or subgroup.


Teachers or students use a custom page to link to resources contained within the cLc or a subgroup in order to direct learners at activities specific to their stage in the learning journey or experience contained within the subgroup.


Teachers and students use a custom page to link to both resources contained within the subgroup and cLc, and resources contained within other subgroups or other cLcs, in order to effectively scaffold a learning journey or experience.


Teachers and students students use a custom page to identify a route through a learning journey or experience which links to the most appropriate and relevant resources from a range of sources.


Teachers and students are scaffolded by their teacher or peers in order to create a custom page which chooses and uses the most appropriate learning resources from a range of places within the cLc and beyond, to structure a purposeful learning journey or experience.


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