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KS2: En1: Speaking & Listening: Group Discussion

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Group discussion and interaction

3. To talk effectively as members of a group, pupils should be taught to:

  1. make contributions relevant to the topic and take turns in discussion
  2. vary contributions to suit the activity and purpose, including exploratory and tentative comments where ideas are being collected together, and reasoned, evaluative comments as discussion moves to conclusions or actions
  3. qualify or justify what they think after listening to others' questions or accounts
  4. deal politely with opposing points of view and enable discussion to move on
  5. take up and sustain different roles, adapting them to suit the situation, including chair, scribe and spokesperson
  6. use different ways to help the group move forward, including summarising the main points, reviewing what has been said, clarifying, drawing others in, reaching agreement, considering alternatives and anticipating consequences.

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