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KS2: En1: Speaking & Listening: Breadth of Study

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Breadth of study

7. During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through the following range of activities, contexts and purposes.


8. The range should include:

  1. reading aloud
  2. presenting to different audiences
  3. extended speaking for different purposes.


9. The range should include opportunities for pupils to listen to:

  1. live talks/readings/presentations
  2. recordings [for example, radio, television, film]
  3. others in groups.

Group discussion and interaction

10. The range of purposes should include:

  1. investigating, selecting, sorting
  2. planning, predicting, exploring
  3. explaining, reporting, evaluating.

Drama activities

11. The range should include:

  1. improvisation and working in role
  2. scripting and performing in plays
  3. responding to performances.

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