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KS2: English: En3: Writing: Breadth of Study

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Breadth of study

8. During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through addressing the following range of purposes, readers and forms of writing.

9. The range of purposes for writing should include:

  1. to imagine and explore feelings and ideas, focusing on creative uses of language and how to interest the reader
  2. to inform and explain, focusing on the subject matter and how to convey it in sufficient detail for the reader
  3. to persuade, focusing on how arguments and evidence are built up and language used to convince the reader
  4. to review and comment on what has been read, seen or heard, focusing on both the topic and the writer's view of it.

Note for 9: The selection of a form for writing is closely related to the writer's purpose and the intended reader.

10. Pupils should also be taught to use writing to help their thinking, investigating, organising and learning.
Note for 11: Readers could include those contacted through post, fax or email.

12. The range of forms of writing should include narratives, poems, playscripts, reports, explanations, opinions, instructions, reviews, commentaries.


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