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KS2: ICT: Developing ideas and making things happen

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Developing ideas and making things happen

2. Pupils should be taught:

  1. how to develop and refine ideas by bringing together, organising and reorganising text, tables, images and sound as appropriate [for example, desktop publishing, multimedia presentations]
  2. how to create, test, improve and refine sequences of instructions to make things happen and to monitor events and respond to them [for example, monitoring changes in temperature, detecting light levels and turning on a light]

Note for 2a: Cross reference to English: En3 Writing: Planning and drafting

2. To develop their writing on paper and on screen, pupils should be taught to:

a. plan - note and develop initial ideas
b. draft - develop ideas from the plan into structured written text
c. revise - change and improve the draft
d. proofread - check the draft for spelling and punctuation errors, omissions and repetitions
e. present - prepare a neat, correct and clear final copy
f. discuss and evaluate their own and others' writing

Note for 2c: Cross reference to mathematics: Ma2 Number: Solving numerical problems

4. Pupils should be taught to:

d. recognise, represent and interpret simple number relationships, constructing and using formulae in words then symbols [for example, c = 15n is the cost, in pence, of n articles at 15p each]

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