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KS2: Maths: Ma2: Number & Algebra: Using and Applying Number

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Using and applying number

1. Pupils should be taught to:

Problem solving

  1. make connections in mathematics and appreciate the need to use numerical skills and knowledge when solving problems in other parts of the mathematics curriculum
  2. break down a more complex problem or calculation into simpler steps before attempting a solution; identify the information needed to carry out the tasks
  3. select and use appropriate mathematical equipment, including ICT
  4. find different ways of approaching a problem in order to overcome any difficulties
  5. make mental estimates of the answers to calculations; check results


  1. organise work and refine ways of recording
  2. use notation diagrams and symbols correctly within a given problem
  3. present and interpret solutions in the context of the problem
  4. communicate mathematically, including the use of precise mathematical language


  1. understand and investigate general statements [for example, 'there are four prime numbers less than 10', 'wrist size is half neck size']
  2. search for pattern in their results; develop logical thinking and explain their reasoning.


Note for 1f: Cross reference to English: En3 Writing: Composition

1. Pupils should be taught to:

a. choose form and content to suit a particular purpose [for example, notes to read or organise thinking, plans for action, poetry for pleasure]

e. use features of layout, presentation and organisation effectively


Note for 1g: Cross reference to English: En1 Speaking and listening: Speaking

1. To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences, pupils should be taught to:

a. use vocabulary and syntax that enables them to communicate more complex meanings
d. show clear shape and organisation with an introduction and an ending


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