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KS2: Maths: Ma2: Number & Algebra: Solving numerical problems

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Solving numerical problems

4. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. choose, use and combine any of the four number operations to solve word problems involving numbers in 'real life', money or measures of length, mass, capacity or time, then perimeter and area
  2. choose and use an appropriate way to calculate and explain their methods and reasoning
  3. estimate answers by approximating and checking that their results are reasonable by thinking about the context of the problem, and where necessary checking accuracy [for example, by using the inverse operation, by repeating the calculation in a different order]
  4. recognise, represent and interpret simple number relationships, constructing and using formulae in words then symbols [for example, c = 15 n is the cost, in pence, of n articles at 15p each]
  5. read and plot coordinates in the first quadrant, then in all four quadrants [for example, plot the vertices of a rectangle, or a graph of the multiples of 3].

Note for 4d: ICT opportunity: Pupils could construct and use a formula to transform one list of data to another.


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