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KS2: Maths: Ma3: Shape, Space & Measurement: 4 - Understanding Measurements

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Understanding measures

4. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. recognise the need for standard units of length, mass and capacity, choose which ones are suitable for a task, and use them to make sensible estimates in everyday situations; convert one metric unit to another [for example, convert 3.17kg to 3170g] ; know the rough metric equivalents of imperial units still in daily use
  2. recognise that measurement is approximate; choose and use suitable measuring instruments for a task; interpret numbers and read scales with increasing accuracy; record measurements using decimal notation
  3. recognise angles as greater or less than a right angle or half-turn, estimate their size and order them; measure and draw acute, obtuse and right angles to the nearest degree
  4. read the time from analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks; use units of time - seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks - and know the relationship between them
  5. find perimeters of simple shapes; find areas of rectangles using the formula, understanding its connection to counting squares and how it extends this approach; calculate the perimeter and area of shapes composed of rectangles.

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