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KS2: Maths: Ma4: Handling Data: Processing, representing and interpreting data

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Processing, representing and interpreting data

2. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. solve problems involving data
  2. interpret tables, lists and charts used in everyday life; construct and interpret frequency tables, including tables for grouped discrete data
  3. represent and interpret discrete data using graphs and diagrams, including pictograms, bar charts and line graphs, then interpret a wider range of graphs and diagrams, using ICT where appropriate
  4. know that mode is a measure of average and that range is a measure of spread, and to use both ideas to describe data sets
  5. recognise the difference between discrete and continuous data
  6. draw conclusions from statistics and graphs and recognise when information is presented in a misleading way; explore doubt and certainty and develop an understanding of probability through classroom situations; discuss events using a vocabulary that includes the words 'equally likely', 'fair', 'unfair', 'certain'.

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