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KS2: Science: Sc1: Scientific Enquiry: 2 - Investigative Skills

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Investigative skills
  1. ask questions that can be investigated scientifically and decide how to find answers
  2. make a fair test or comparison by changing one factor and observing or measuring the effect while keeping other factors the same
Obtaining and presenting evidence
  1. use simple equipment and materials appropriately and take action to control risks
  2. check observations and measurements by repeating them where appropriate
Considering evidence and evaluating
  1. use observations, measurements or other data to draw conclusions
  2. use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain observations, measurements or other data or conclusions
  3. review their work and the work of others and describe its significance and limitations.
Explanatory notes
Pupils could use a Forum icon Forum to ask questions that can be scientifically investigated. They could make suggestions as to how such a test could be carried out and what variables need to be controlled. For example when children are studying materials they may pose questions such as which material makes the best...insulator, waterproofing, roof...
Pupils could use a wiki icon wiki to collaboratively plan and/or evaluate a fair test. Which material makes the best thermal insulator? Pupils may be offered a framework to construct a test- equipment required, possible variable, constants, measurements. 
Pupils could create a Survey icon survey for communicating data in a variety of formats. Pupils could use the outcomes of a survey to formulate hypothese or to plan investigations.
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