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KS2: Science: Sc2: Life Processes & Living Things: 3 - Green Plants

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Green plants

3. Pupils should be taught:

Growth and nutrition

  1. the effect of light, air, water and temperature on plant growth
  2. the role of the leaf in producing new material for growth
  3. that the root anchors the plant, and that water and minerals are taken in through the root and transported through the stem to other parts of the plant


  1. about the parts of the flower [for example, stigma, stamen, petal, sepal] and their role in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation, seed dispersal and germination.

Pupils could create a wiki icon wiki to share their knowledge about the parts of a plant.

The pupils could create a photostory3 on the growth and development of plants being cultivated under different conditions. These could be posted on Custom page icon custom pages and a Forum icon forum established to consider the impact of the different conditions.

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