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KS2: Science: Sc2: Life Processes & Living Things: 4 - Variation and Classification

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Variation and classification
4. Pupils should be taught:
  1. how locally occurring animals and plants can be identified and assigned to groups
  2. that the variety of plants and animals makes it important to identify them and assign them to groups.
Note for 4a
ICT opportunity
Pupils could use a branching database to develop and use keys.
Pupils could use a quiz icon quiz to identify animals and plants based on their features and characteristics. The hint feature could be used to explain technical terms e.g. A proboscis is a long flexible snout or trunk, as of an elephant. or the slender, tubular feeding and sucking organ of certain invertebrates, such as insects, worms, and mollusks.
Pupils could make a wiki icon wiki based on the features and characteristics of animals or plants e.g. wiki pages on animals that fly, amphibians, carnivores.


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