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KS2: Science: Sc3: Materials & Their Properties: 2 - Changing materials

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Changing materials
2. Pupils should be taught:
  1. to describe changes that occur when materials are mixed [for example, adding salt to water]
  2. that temperature is a measure of how hot or cold things are
  3. about reversible changes, including dissolving, melting, boiling, condensing, freezing and evaporating
  4. that non-reversible changes [for example, vinegar reacting with bicarbonate of soda, plaster of Paris with water] result in the formation of new materials that may be useful
  5. that burning materials [for example, wood, wax, natural gas] results in the formation of new materials and that this change is not usually reversible.
Try creating pages (homepage icon Group homepage or custom page icon custom page) or links icon links to demonstrate reversible and irresversible changes such as BBC Science clips - Changes in the state of materials. Get children to create their own short clip showing either reversible or irreversible changes using web 2.0 tools such as Animoto or Slide.com.
Try setting up a forum icon forum for children to predict whether changes will be reversible or irreversible.


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