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KS2: Science: Sc4: Physical Processes: 2 - Forces and Motion

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Forces and motion
2. Pupils should be taught:
Types of force
  1. about the forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets, and about the forces of attraction between magnets and magnetic materials
  2. about friction, including air resistance, as a force that slows moving objects and may prevent objects from starting to move
  3. that when objects [for example, a spring, a table] are pushed or pulled, an opposing pull or push can be felt
  4. how to measure forces and identify the direction in which they act.
Note for 2b
Distinction between mass and weight need not be taught.
Try using a web page (homepage icon Group homepage or custom page icon custom page) to link icon link to activities to help children learn and revise about forces and friction such as BBC Bitesize - Forces in Action and Friction. 
Ask children to compile a custom page or slide show to demonstrate forces in action.


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