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KS2: Science: Sc4: Physical Processes: 3 - Light and Sound

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Light and sound
3. Pupils should be taught:
Everyday effects of light
  1. that light travels from a source
  2. that light cannot pass through some materials, and how this leads to the formation of shadows
  3. that light is reflected from surfaces [for example, mirrors, polished metals]
  1. that we see things only when light from them enters our eyes
Vibration and sound
  1. that sounds are made when objects [for example, strings on musical instruments] vibrate but that vibrations are not always directly visible
  2. that vibrations from sound sources require a medium [for example, metal, wood, glass, air] through which to travel to the ear.
Note for 3f
ICT opportunity
Pupils could use sensors to detect and compare sounds made under different conditions.
Pupils could use the sound recorder icon Sound Recorder to record and embed sound under different conditions and using different materials.
Pupils could be asked to identify or compare sounds embedded in a quiz icon quiz.


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