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KS2: History: Chronological Understanding

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Chronological understanding
1. Pupils should be taught to:
*place events, people and changes into correct periods of time
*use dates and vocabulary relating to the passing of time, including ancient, modern, BC, AD, century and decade.
Try a  Quiz, using Ranking (to put dates, events, people and changes into the correct order). Use the  Auto-marking feature to enable children to see their results, and switch on the option to  repeat a quiz multiple times so that children can practice ordering.
Create a History Timeline  Wiki. For a simple version add names of historical events, people and changes as  WikiLinks to pages where you and your children can co-construct information and learning reflections. You could assign each child involved a separate aspect to research and report upon so that each child is responsible for their own  WikiArticle, but they are all working collectively.
Dell Primary School, Suffolk - The Victorians


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