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KS2: History: 3 - Historical Interpretation

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Historical interpretation


Note for 3

People represent and interpret the past in many different ways, including: in pictures, plays, films, reconstructions, museum displays, and fictional and non-fiction accounts. Interpretations reflect the circumstances in which they are made, the available evidence, and the intentions of those who make them (for example, writers, archaeologists, historians, film-makers).


Try Hot-seating through a Link Forum. Pupils could take the roles of different characters in an historical event and respond to forum questions as the character. Based on the posts they could create short photostories or videos to re-enact the event from different points of view.

Pupils and staff could maintain a Blog blog during a school event. These could be shared and reviewed to compare and contrast the event from the point of view of different people. e.g. a school performance/production. How was it viewed by the leading actors, school caretaker, teacher..?


Cornwall - Egyptian Hot Seating



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