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KS2: History: 5 - Organisation and Communication

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Organisation and communication

5. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. recall, select and organise historical information
  2. use dates and historical vocabulary to describe the periods studied
  3. communicate their knowledge and understandingof history in a variety of ways[for example, drawing, writing, by using ICT].



Cross reference to English

En1 Speaking and listening: Speaking

1. To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences, pupils should be taught to:

a. use vocabulary and syntax that enables them to communicate more complex meanings
b. gain and maintain the interest and response of different audiences [for example, by exaggeration, humour, varying pace and using persuasive language to achieve particular effects]
c. choose material that is relevant to the topic and to the listeners
d. show clear shape and organisation with an introduction and an ending
e. speak audibly and clearly, using spoken  standard English  in formal contexts
f. evaluate their speech and reflect on how it varies

En1 Speaking and listening: Group discussion and interaction

3. To talk effectively as members of a group, pupils should be taught to:

a. make contributions relevant to the topic and take turns in discussion
b. vary contributions to suit the activity and purpose, including exploratory and tentative comments where ideas are being collected together, and reasoned, evaluative comments as discussion moves to conclusions or actions
c. qualify or justify what they think after listening to others' questions or accounts
d. deal politely with opposing points of view and enable discussion to move on
e. take up and sustain different roles, adapting them to suit the situation, including chair, scribe and spokesperson
f. use different ways to help the group move forward, including summarising the main points, reviewing what has been said, clarifying, drawing others in, reaching agreement, considering alternatives and anticipating consequences

En1 Speaking and listening: Drama

4. To participate in a wide range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others' contributions, pupils should be taught to:

a. create, adapt and sustain different roles, individually and in groups


Pupils could communicate their knowledge and understanding by using ICT through contributing to wikis, forum and quizzes. They could also do so by creating home pages and custom pages and sharing their work via links and uploads. 



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