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KS2: Geography: 1 & 2 - Geographical Enquiry and Skills

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Geographical enquiry and skills
1. In undertaking geographical enquiry, pupils should be taught to:
  1. ask geographical questions [for example, 'What is it like to live in this place?']
  2. observe and record [for example, identify buildings in the street and complete a chart]
  3. express their own views about people, places and environments [for example, about litter in the school]
  4. communicate in different ways [for example, in pictures, speech, writing].
2. In developing geographical skills, pupils should be taught to:
  1. use geographical vocabulary [for example, hill, river, motorway, near, far, north, south]
  2. use fieldwork skills [for example, recording information on a school plan or local area map]
  3. use globes, maps and plans at a range of scales [for example, following a route on a map]
  4. use secondary sources of information [for example, CD-ROMs, pictures, photographs, stories, information texts, videos, artefacts]
  5. make maps and plans [for example, a pictorial map of a place in a story] . 
At the start of a Locality Study try using a forum icon forum to get children to ask geographical questions that they may be able to answer through their studies. Try making contact with a local school (or other trusted source) in the locality you are studying and get the pupils to ask geographical questions that may be answered from first-hand sources.  
Try involving pupils in creating survey icon surveys to find out about other localities.
Try asking pupils to contribute to a forum icon forum to discuss aspects of the locality that they like or dislike.
Try creating a Wikis Wikis  to develop pupils knowledge and understanding of key geographical vocabulary. Use of the sound recording tool may support pupils with the acquisition of a technical vocabulary.
Use custom pages, forum icon forum and/or wikis for pupils to communicate their thoughts on localities through text, speech (using the WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder Sound Recorder ) images (using digital photographs) and media (video clips, Photo Story 3).
You may wish to create Custom Pages Custom Pages  with embedded maps so that pupils can follow a route at different scales and switch between views including street map, satellite and terrain views.
 Teacher Training School - Locality Study. - Example of embedded map.


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