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KS2: Geography: 3 - Knowledge and Understanding of Places

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Knowledge and understanding of places
3. Pupils should be taught to:
  1. identify and describe what places are like [for example, in terms of landscape, jobs, weather]
  2. recognise how places have become the way they are and how they are changing [for example, the quality of the environment in a street]
  3. recognise how places compare with other places [for example, compare the local area with places elsewhere in the United Kingdom]
Try embedding or Adding Links Adding Links  to a map (e.g. google maps, multi-map) to enable pupils to identify and describe where places are.
Try creating a Forums Forum in which parents and grandparents can contribute their thoughts, ideas and memories about how places used to be. Create a Wikis Wiki  to use these contributions to create articles on aspects of the locality that have changed. These could be recorded as What the "aspect" was like in our grandparents time, our parents time, now and what it may be like in the future. This could be organised so that groups of pupils are responsible for one element of each aspect of the locality studied. The discussion facility of the wiki could be used to evaluate the likelihood of the future development taking place.
Teacher Training School- embedded map. 


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