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KS2: Geography: 4 - Knowledge and Understanding of Patterns and Processes

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 Knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes

4. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. make observations about where things are located [for example, a pedestrian crossing near school gates] and about other features in the environment [for example, seasonal changes in weather]
  2. recognise changes in physical and human features [for example, heavy rain flooding fields].
Try getting pupils to keep their own  Blogs Blogs  or a class blog to record the weather over a period of time. This may be strengthened by linking with a partner school in a distant locality where a similar journal is kept.
The Blogs Blogs  may be used to record changes in physical or human features. Review the blog at key points during the study or over a longer period. This would be a particularly useful activity linked to a school development or change e.g. a new building, the refurbishment of an ICT suite, the development of a wildlife area, a school garden.

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