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KS2: Music: 4 - Listening and Applying Knowledge and Understanding

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Listening, and applying knowledge and understanding

4. Pupils should be taught:

  1. to listen with attention to detail and to internalise and recall sounds with increasing aural memory
  2. how the combined musical elements of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and silence can be organised within musical structures [for example, ostinato] and used to communicate different moods and effects
  3. how music is produced in different ways [for example, through the use of different resources, including ICT] and described through relevant established and invented notations
  4. how time and place can influence the way music is created, performed and heard [for example, the effect of occasion and venue]. 
Try uploading music clipsAdding Documents Adding Documents  or WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder  to a Group Homepage Group Homepage and allowing pupils listen and then respond via Forums Forums .
Try creating Wikis Wikis with articles on pitch, duration, timbre etc and ask pupils to contribute short sound recordings that demonstrate criteria.



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