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KS2: DT: 1 - Developing Planning and Communicating Ideas

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Developing, planning and communicating ideas

1. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. generate ideas for products after thinking about who will use them and what they will be used for, using information from a number of sources, including ICT-based sources
  2. develop ideas and explain them clearly, putting together a list of what they want their design to achieve
  3. plan what they have to do, suggesting a sequence of actions and alternatives, if needed
  4. communicate design ideas in different ways as these develop, bearing in mind aesthetic qualities, and the uses and purposes for which the product is intended.

Note for 1a

Cross reference to English

En2 Reading: Reading for information

3. Pupils should be taught to:

a. scan texts to find information
b. skim for gist and overall impression
c. obtain specific information through detailed reading
d. draw on different features of texts, including print, sound and image, to obtain meaning
e. use organisational features and systems to find texts and information

Cross reference to ICT

Finding things out

1. Pupils should be taught:

a. to talk about what information they need and how they can find and use it [for example, searching the internet or a CD-ROM, using printed material, asking people]

Note for 1b,1d

ICT opportunity

Pupils could use desktop publishing (DTP) software and a colour printer to develop and communicate their design ideas.

Try using Forums Forums  to generate ideas for products. For example linked to Fairground rides pupils could involve a number of people in discussions to shape their design. Which sort of Fairground ride is most popular? What makes an individual select one ride over another? Does the name of the ride matter? These could engage contributions from children in different classes and year groups and potentially through a partnership arrangement pupils in the local secondary school. Forums Forums  could also be used to discuss proposals with outside experts e.g. Parish Council in designing a local play ground, architect in designing a building.

Try using Surveys Surveys  to collect information and data to refine design proposals. Pupils could base their questions on issues arising out of the Forums Forums

Wikis Wikis  could be used to refine and develop plans. Pupils working in teams would be able to have a wiki page (article) in which they develop their plans including using text, images and videos of their design proposals. The wiki would enable them to modify and record the changes to their design as it develops. The discussion/comment facility would enable peers, teachers and AOTTs to evaluate their work as it progresses.



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