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KS2: DT: 3 - Evaluating Processes and Products

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Please see developing and communicating ideas for the use of forums and wikis in the design process.

Evaluating processes and products

3. Pupils should be taught to:

  1. reflect on the progress of their work as they design and make, identifying ways they could improve their products
  2. carry out appropriate tests before making any improvements
  3. recognise that the quality of a product depends on how well it is made and how well it meets its intended purpose [for example, how well products meet social, economic and environmental considerations].
Please see developing, planning and communicating ideas for the use of Forums Forums  and Wikis Wikis  in the design process. In particular in wikis, the discuss this article feature, enables pupils to comment on the progress of their own work and the outcomes of others. For example pupils working in teams could jointly design a torch and continually update the wiki to reflect the design at any given time. Comments could be posted to shape the thinking or to evaluate progress to date and deadlines to be met.



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