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KS2: DT: 4 - Knowledge and Understanding of Materials and Components

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Knowledge and understanding of materials and components

4. Pupils should be taught:

  1. how the ing characteristics of materials affect the ways they are used
  2. how materials can be combined and mixed to create more useful properties [for example, using cardboard triangles on the corners of a wooden framework to strengthen it]
  3. how mechanisms can be used to make things move in different ways, using a range of equipment including an ICT control program


Note for 4c


Cross reference to ICT

Developing ideas and making things happen

2. Pupils should be taught:

b. how to create, test, improve and refine sequences of instructions to make things happen and to monitor events and respond to them [for example, monitoring changes in temperature, detecting light levels and turning on a light]

Cross reference to science

Sc4 Physical processes: Forces and motion

2. Pupils should be taught:

Types of force

c. about friction, including air resistance, as a force that slows moving objects and may prevent objects from starting to move
d. that when objects [for example, a spring, a table] are pushed or pulled, an opposing pull or push can be felt


Note for 4d

Cross reference to science

Sc4 Physical processes: Electricity

1. Pupils should be taught:

Simple circuits

a. to construct circuits, incorporating a battery or power supply and a range of switches, to make electrical devices work [for example, buzzers, motors]
b. how changing the number or type of components [for example, batteries, bulbs, wires]in a series circuit can make bulbs brighter or dimmer
c. how to represent series circuits by drawings and conventional symbols, and how to construct series circuits on the basis of drawings and diagrams using conventional symbols






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