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KS2: Art & Design: 1 - Exploring and Developing Ideas

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Exploring and developing ideas

1. Pupils should be taught to:


Note for 1b

Cross reference to English

En1 Speaking and listening: Listening

2. To listen, understand and respond appropriately to others, pupils should be taught to:

b. ask relevant questions to clarify, extend and follow up ideas
e. respond to others appropriately, taking into account what they say

Note for 1c

ICT opportunity

Pupils could use digital and video cameras to record observations.


Try getting pupils to use their ePortfolios ePortfolios  to create a digital "sketchbook" recording observations using digital and video cameras.

Try getting pupils to create Photostory 3s and web 2.0 slide shows of images and video and embedding them on Custom Pages Custom Pages or Adding Links Adding Links  to them.

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