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KS2: MFL: 1 - Understanding and Using the Foreign Language

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Understanding and using the foreign language
1. In the early stages of language learning pupils might be taught:
  1. how to use and respond to the foreign language
  2. how to listen carefully in order to discriminate sounds, identify meaning and develop auditory awareness
  3. correct pronunciation and intonation
  4. how to ask and answer questions
  5. techniques for memorising words, phrases and short extracts
  6. how to use context and clues to interpret meaning
  7. how to make use of their knowledge of English or another language in learning the foreign language.
2. Pupils can be taught about other countries and cultures by:
  1. working with authentic materials including some from ICT-based sources
  2. considering their own culture and comparing it with others
  3. considering the experiences of other people.
3. In order to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding further, pupils might also be taught:
  1. the interrelationship of sounds and writing
  2. simple aspects of grammar and how to apply them
  3. how to initiate conversations
  4. how to use dictionaries and other reference materials
  5. how to communicate with each other in the foreign language in pairs
    and groups and with their teacher
  6. how to use their knowledge of the language creatively and imaginatively
  7. how to use the foreign language for real purposes.
Use the WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder to embed voice clips on a Group Homepage Group Homepage to allow pupils to listen to common words and phrases and practise proninciation and intonation.
Try using Forums Forums  for children to respond to sound clips using the WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder WYSIWYG & Sound Recorder. Pupils could hold short conversations practising the language through the forum.


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