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KS2: PSHE: 1 - Developing Confidence and Responsibility and Making the Most of Abilities

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Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

1. Pupils should be taught:

  1. to talk and write about their opinions, and explain their views, on issues that affect themselves and society
  2. to recognise their worth as individuals by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, seeing their mistakes, making amends and setting personal goals
  3. to face new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible choices, and taking action 
  4. to recognise, as they approach puberty, how people's emotions change at that time and how to deal with their feelings towards themselves, their family and others in a positive way
  5. about the range of jobs carried out by people they know, and to understand how they can develop skills to make their own contribution in the future
  6. to look after their money and realise that future wants and needs may be met through saving.

Note for 1d

Cross reference to science

Sc2 Life processes and living things: Humans and other animals

2. Pupils should be taught:

Growth and reproduction

f. about the main stages of the human life cycle


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