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KS2: PSHE: 2 - Preparing to Play an Active Role as Citizens

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Preparing to play an active role as citizens

2. Pupils should be taught:

  1. to research, discussand debate topical issues, problems and events
  2. why and how rules and laws are made and enforced, why different rules are needed in different situations and how to take part in making and changing rules
  3. to realise the consequences of anti-social and aggressive behaviours, such as bullying and racism, on individuals and communities
  4. that there are different kinds of responsibilities, rights and duties at home, at school and in the community, and that these can sometimes conflict with each other
  5. to reflect on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural issues, using imagination to understand other people's experiences
  6. to resolve differences by looking at alternatives, making decisions and explaining choices
  7. what democracy is, and about the basic institutions that support it locally and nationally
  8. to recognise the role of voluntary, community and pressure groups
  9. to appreciate the range of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom
  10. that resources can be allocated in different ways and that these economic choices affect individuals, communities and the sustainability of the environment

Note for 2a

Cross reference to English

En1 Speaking and listening: Group discussion and interaction

3. To talk effectively as members of a group, pupils should be taught to:

a. make contributions relevant to the topic and take turns in discussion
b. vary contributions to suit the activity and purpose, including exploratory and tentative comments where ideas are being collected together, and reasoned, evaluative comments as discussion moves to conclusions or actions
c. qualify or justify what they think after listening to others' questions or accounts
d. deal politely with opposing points of view and enable discussion to move on
e. take up and sustain different roles, adapting them to suit the situation, including chair, scribe and spokesperson
f. use different ways to help the group move forward, including summarising the main points, reviewing what has been said, clarifying, drawing others in, reaching agreement, considering alternatives and anticipating consequences

Note for 2a

Cross reference to English

En2 Reading: Reading for information

3. Pupils should be taught to:

a. scan texts to find information

b. skim for gist and overall impression
c. obtain specific information through detailed reading
d. draw on different features of texts, including print, sound and image, to obtain meaning
e. use organisational features and systems to find texts and information
f. distinguish between fact and opinion [for example, by looking at the purpose of the text, the reliability of information]
g. consider an argument critically

Note for 2i

Cross reference to history

Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

2. Pupils should be taught:

b. about the social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the societies studied, in Britain and the wider world

Note for 2j

Cross reference to geography

Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development

5. Pupils should be taught to:

a. recognise how people can improve the environment [for example, by reclaiming derelict land] or damage it [for example, by polluting a river], and how decisions about places and environments affect the future quality of people's lives
b. recognise how and why people may seek to manage environments sustainably, and to identify opportunities for their own involvement [for example, taking part in a local conservation project]

Cross reference to science

Sc2 Life processes and living things: Living things in their environment

5. Pupils should be taught:


a. about ways in which living things and the environment need protection

Note for 2k

ICT opportunity

Pupils could use the internet to look at different reports about the same issue.


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