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KS2: PSHE: 3 - Developing a Healthy Safer Lifestyle

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Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle

3. Pupils should be taught:

  1. what makes a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, what affects mental health, and how to make informed choices
  2. that bacteria and viruses can affect health and that following simple, safe routines can reduce their spread
  3. about how the body changes as they approach puberty
  4. which commonly available substances and drugs are legal and illegal, their effects and risks
  5. to recognise the different risks in different situations and then decide how to behave responsibly, including sensible road use, and judging what kind of physical contact is acceptable or unacceptable
  6. that pressure to behave in an unacceptable or risky way can come from a variety of sources, including people they know, and how to ask for help and use basic techniques for resisting pressure to do wrong
Note for 3

Cross reference to science

Sc2 Life processes and living things: Humans and other animals

2. Pupils should be taught:


a. about the functions and care of teeth
b. about the need for food for activity and growth, and about the importance of an adequate and varied diet for health


c. that the heart acts as a pump to circulate the blood through vessels around the body, including through the lungs
d. about the effect of exercise and rest on pulse rate


e. that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles to support and protect their bodies and to help them to move

Growth and reproduction

f. about the main stages of the human life cycle


g. about the effects on the human body of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, and how these relate to their personal health
h. about the importance of exercise for good health

Note for 3a

Cross reference to physical education

Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health

4. Pupils should be taught:

a. how exercise affects the body in the short term
b. to warm up and prepare appropriately for different activities
c. why physical activity is good for their health and well-being
d. why wearing appropriate clothing and being hygienic is good for their health and safety

Note for 3b

Cross reference to science

Sc2 Life processes and living things: Living things in their environment

5. Pupils should be taught:


f. that micro-organisms are living organisms that are often too small to be seen, and that they may be beneficial [for example, in the breakdown of waste, in making bread] or harmful [for example, in causing disease, in causing food to go mouldy]

Note for 3g

Cross reference to design and technology

Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products

2. Pupils should be taught to:

f. follow safe procedures for food safety and hygiene

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