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KS2: RE: Breadth of Study

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Breadth of study

3. During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through the following areas of study:

Religions and beliefs

  1. Christianity
  2. at least two other principal religions
  3. a religious community with a significant local presence, where appropriate
  4. a secular world view, where appropriate


  1. beliefs and questions: how people's beliefs about God, the world and others impact on their lives
  2. teachings and authority: what sacred texts and other sources say about God, the world and human life
  3. worship, pilgrimage and sacred places: where, how and why people worship, including at particular sites
  4. the journey of life and death: why some occasions are sacred to believers, and what people think about life after death
  5. symbols and religious expression: how religious and spiritual ideas are expressed
  6. inspirational people: figures from whom believers find inspiration
  7. religion and the individual: what is expected of a person in following a religion or belief
  8. religion, family and community: how religious families and communities practise their faith, and the contributions this makes to local life
  9. beliefs in action in the world: how religions and beliefs respond to global issues of human rights, fairness, social justice and the importance of the environment

Experiences and opportunities

  1. encountering religion through visitors and visits to places of worship, and focusing on the impact and reality of religion on the local and global community
  2. discussing religious and philosophical questions, giving reasons for their own beliefs and those of others
  3. considering a range of human experiences and feelings
  4. reflecting on their own and others' insights into life and its origin, purpose and meaning
  5. expressing and communicating their own and others' insights through art and design, music, dance, drama and ICT
  6. developing the use of ICT, particularly in enhancing pupils' awareness of religions and beliefs globally.

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