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The Technology Applications TEKS and the UniServity cLc.




Knowledge and appropriate use

·          Log-on and off using a password making use of networking terminology such as  on-line

·          Open and close a web browser

Data input skills

·          Use a mouse, keyboard, modem, sound recorder, video conferencing, digital video

·          Produce documents online, proof read and proof read and correct the work of their peers.

·          Support the development of keyboard techniques in school and at home by offering reasons to read and write using grade-level appropriate spelling and punctuation.

Use of tech’ in society

·         Use a wiki to contribute to the creation of an acceptable use policy

·         Learn to respect the work of others. Understand appropriate and inappropriate online behaviour.

Information acquisition

·          Learn to navigate around the cLc so as to access information from a variety of sources and in a variety of forms (text, images, sounds and video) for research and sharing.

·          Search for friends and learning partners using the user directory

·          Acquire(and publish) info inc text images audio and video

·          Consider the usefulness of information acquired or published (e.g a contribution to a forum)

Work in solving problems

·          Access audio, video and graphics to enhance learning. E.g an author reading extracts or a student video as a newscaster

·          Use the sound recorder to express ideas or offer solutions to problems

·          Create new knowledge by contributing to a blog, forum or Wiki. Participate in a variety of group projects (E.g. “It’s a  Small World”)

·          Use a Wiki to build a knowledge base for an assignment. E.g (Where I live)

·          Use a slide show such a s ‘bubblr’ to evaluate a design


·          Combine text and graphics to send a digital postcard to a partner school

·          Ask audience to evaluate your work to ensure it is appropriate to meet their needs.

·           Use font attributes, colour, white space and graphics to publish to a specific on screen audience.

·          Publish in a variety of media including podcasts, video and personal home-space.

·          Select examples of work to store in an ePortfolio

·          Evaluate the wok of online learning partners for relevance to the task.



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