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Foundation Stage: Communication, Language & Literacy: Language for Communication

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  • Listen with enjoyment, and respond to stories, songs and other music, rhymes and poems and make up their own stories, songs, rhymes and poems .

  • Consistently develop a simple story, explanation or line of questioning.

  • Link statements and stick to a main theme or intention.

  • Enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language, and readily turn to it in their play and learning .

  • Use simple grammatical structures.

  • Use vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly influenced by their experience of books.

  • Interact with others, negotiating plans and activities and taking turns in conversation .

  • Use talk to gain attention and sometimes use action rather than talk to demonstrate or explain to others.

  • Extend their vocabulary, exploring the meanings and sounds of new words .

  • Speak clearly and audibly with confidence and control and show awareness of the listener .

  • Sustain attentive listening, responding to what they have heard with relevant comments, questions or actions .

  • Extend vocabulary, especially by grouping and naming.

  • Have confidence to speak to others about their own wants and interests.

  • Initiate conversation, attend to and take account of what others say.

  • Use language for an increasing range of purposes.


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