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KS3 Art & Design: Key Concepts

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1.1 Creativity

  1. Producing imaginative images, artefacts and other outcomes that are both original and of value.                      

  2. Exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques.                 

  3. Taking risks and learning from mistakes.

1.2 Competence

  1. Investigating, analysing, designing, making, reflecting and evaluating effectively.         

  2. Making informed choices about media, techniques and processes.

1.3 Cultural understanding

  1. Engaging with a range of images and artefacts from different contexts, recognising the varied characteristics of different cultures and using them to inform their creating and making. 

  2. Understanding the role of the artist, craftsperson and designer in a range of cultures, times and contexts.

1.4 Critical understanding

  1. Exploring visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others’ work.

  2. Engaging with ideas, images and artefacts, and identifying how values and meanings are conveyed.            

  3. Developing their own views and expressing reasoned judgements.                

  4. Analysing and reflecting on work from diverse contexts.

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