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KS3 Science : Key Processes

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2. Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in science that pupils need to learn to make progress.

2.1 Practical and enquiry skills

Pupils should be able to:
  • use a range of scientific methods and techniques to develop and test ideas and explanations
  • assess risk and work safely in the laboratory, field and workplace
  • plan and carry out practical and investigative activities, both individually and in groups.

2.2 Critical understanding of evidence

Pupils should be able to:
  • obtain, record and analyse data from a wide range of primary and secondary sources, including ICT sources, and use their findings to provide evidence for scientific explanations
  • evaluate scientific evidence and working methods.

2.3 Communication

Pupils should be able to:
  • use appropriate methods, including ICT, to communicate scientific information and contribute to presentations and discussions about scientific issues.

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